Director’s message

It is my honor and privilege to receive the opportunity to lead this institute. I was extraordinarily fortunate to pursue my career at UTM.

Goal setting is an essential part of institutional planning and needs to be set in every process, so we have a commitment to achieve great results. It needs to be done with optimism and joy, which is referred to as the joy of goal setting based on guiding principles. Likewise, this means that it is more fun to chase the target, rather than being chased. The message is clear that everyone should have ambitions; hence, we should determine the direction of our institution. There may be people who do not take care of goals, but someday that person must make decisions to determine their future. Every institution is required to understand its strengths and weaknesses.

Ibnu Sina Institute, shaped by the past as a leading center of fundamental science studies, is rapidly expanding its contribution to a truly multidisciplinary endeavor across the mathematical, physical and social sciences to technologies and the humanities that will benefit society on a national and global scale thus creating the future. Ibnu Sina Institute aims to maximize the benefits of research by advancing fundamental knowledge and beyond to contribute to better public policy, economic prosperity, social cohesion, community identity, and the quality of life.

I very much look forward to working with all of my colleagues as we collectively enhance and realize the full capacity and potential of Ibnu Sina Institute, which is poised to reach much greater heights.

Prof. Dr. Hadi Nur