Guiding principles

Ibnu Sina Institute, shaped by the past as a leading centre of fundamental science studies, is rapidly expanding its contribution to a truly multidisciplinary endeavour across the mathematical, physical and social sciences to technologies and the humanities that will benefit society on a national and global scale thus creating the future. Under the current leadership, Ibnu Sina Institute aims to maximise the benefits of research by advancing fundamental knowledge and beyond in order to contribute to better public policy, economic prosperity, social cohesion, community identity and the quality of life.

The following link provides the text of the ISI-SIR’s staff scientific documents – publication abstracts, awards, project summaries, patents, and other sources to create an index of weighted terms that defines the text, known as the Elsevier Fingerprint Engine.

ISI-SIR Research Area

With six Research Centers, the diversity of research areas from engineering to environmental sciences exhibits the strength, capability, and potential in research and development. As strong as the technical background in UTM, ISI-SIR also supports other areas of research and studies such as mathematics, physics, and astronomy, as well as computer sciences. The multidisciplinary work team is significant to sustain research culture in UTM.

ISI-SIR welcomes collaboration in research and publication with Research Group (RG) members in designated faculties, from the Faculty of Science to Faculty of Engineering. The RG members are incorporated in ISI-SIR as Associate Research Fellow. The collaborations represent continuous effort to embrace and sustain a good relationship and collaboration with UTM researchers. In addition, ISI-SIR also welcomes other researchers from other universities nationally and internationally to boost research performance and enriches linkages and collaborations.



To be a world-class centre of excellence through fundamental and applied science research



To lead the advancement of knowledge through frontier science research




The Malay words, “Kerana Tuhan Untuk Manusia” imprinted on the UTM logo above simply means “In the Name of God for Mankind” is believe on values, and spirituality towards excellence in research and scholarship.

The ISI-SIR transformations towards ISI-SIR sustainability go beyond assessing and implementing current responses to university needs. It will consider the more fundamental and innovative long-term transformations that are needed to move towards an ISI-SIR sustainable future. Future ISI-SIR will involve the development in terms of its infrastructure, human resource, and financial sustainability. This might include significant shifts in changes in institutional structures.


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Kerana Tuhan Untuk Manusia” which means “In the Name of God for Mankind”.



  • • Academic leadership
  • • Integration of research and education
  • • Innovative global impact activities
  • • Cross-disciplinary approach to address the global challenges
  • • An accessible publicly-engaged organisation
  • • Financial sustainability



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Last updated by Prof. Hadi Nur on 11 October 2020