6 established Research Centres, Ibnu Sina Institute for Scientific and Industrial Research (ISI-SIR) brings together researchers and experts from inter-disciplinary backgrounds that span several traditional sciences and engineering disciplines in-line with UTM’s aspiration to be a world top 50 research-intensive university. These Research Centres are responsible for actively promote and engage research & development, consultancy, and training activities in their expertise areas, addressing ISI-SIR and geared to contribute to university, industry, society, and country. All research centres (RC) translate ISI-SIR’s identity and uniqueness. There are six RCs of various fields from fundamental sciences to chemical engineering sciences, as well as strengthen Islamic policies and applications. The merger of all RCs within ISI-SIR is seen as one of UTM’s initiative to broaden and enliven the application in research.


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Research Officer and Support staff

ISI-SIR welcomes collaboration in research and publication with Research Group (RG) members in designated faculties, from the Faculty of Science to Faculty of Engineering. The RG members are incorporated in ISI-SIR as Associate Research Fellow. The collaborations represent continuous effort to embrace and sustain a good relationship and collaboration with UTM researchers. In addition, ISI-SIR also welcomes other researchers from other universities nationally and internationally to boost research performance and enrich linkages and collaborations.





Academic staff of Ibnu Sina Institute

Name and ProfileE-mailResearch CentreAcademic rankMembership
Nik Ahmad Nizam Nik Malekniknizam@utm.myCSNanoAssociate ProfessorActing Director of ISI-SIR and Director of CSNano
See Hong Henghhsee@utm.myCSNanoAssociate ProfessorDeputy Director of CSNano
Lee Siew Linglsling@utm.myCSNano
Associate ProfessorMember
Naji Arafat Haji Mahatnaji.arafat@utm.myCSNanoSenior LecturerMember
Suhairul Hashimsuhairul@utm.myCSNanoProfessorAssociate Member
Yap Yung Szenyungszen@utm.myCSNanoSenior LecturerAssociate Member
Sheela A/P Chandrensheela@utm.myCSNanoSenior LecturerAssociate Member
Fazira Ilyana Abdul Razakfazirailyana@utm.myCSNanoSenior LecturerAssociate Member
Aemi Syazwani Abdul Keyonaemi@utm.myCSNanoSenior LecturerAssociate Member
Ezza Syuhada Sazaliezzasyuhada@utm.myCSNanoSenior LecturerAssociate Member
Farahwahida Mohd Yusoffarahwamy@utm.myCFiRSTProfessorDirector of CFiRST
Arieff Salleh Rosmanaswar@utm.myCFiRSTProfessorMember
Adibah Abdul Latif
p-adibah@utm.myCFiRSTAssociate ProfessorMember
Aminudin Hehsanahehsan@utm.myCFiRSTSenior LecturerDeputy Director of CFiRST
Zulkiflee Haronzulkiflee@utm.myCFiRSTSenior LecturerMember
Mohd Al'ikhsan Ghazalialikhsan.kl@utm.myCFiRSTSenior LecturerMember
Zilal Saari
zilal@utm.myCFiRSTSenior LecturerMember
Hadina Habilhadina@utm.myCFiRSTAssociate ProfessorAssociate Member
Mohd Fauzi Abu@Hussinmohdfauziabu@utm.myCFiRSTAssociate ProfessorAssociate Member
Nasrul Hisyam Nor Muhamadnasrul@utm.myCFiRSTAssociate ProfessorAssociate Member
Mohd Iskandar Illyas Taniskandar@utm.myCFiRSTSenior LecturerAssociate Member
Juhazren Junaidijuhazren@utm.myCFiRSTLecturerAssociate Member
Razauden Mohamed Zulkiflirazauden@utm.myCFiRSTAssociate ProfessorAssociate Member
Hafiza Abashafiza.kl@utm.myCFiRSTSenior LecturerAssociate Member
Muhammad Abbas Ahmad Zainir-abbas@utm.myCLEARAssociate ProfessorDirector of CLEAR
Mohd Azizi Che Yunusr-azizi@utm.myCLEARProfessorMember
Siti Hamidah Mohd Setaparsiti-h@utm.myCLEARAssociate ProfessorMember
Norasikin Othmanr-nora@utm.myCLEARProfessorDeputy Director of CLEAR
Liza Md. Sallehr-liza@utm.myCLEARAssociate ProfessorMember
Nur Izyan Wan Azeleenur.izyan@utm.myCLEARSenior LecturerAssociate Member
Norazah Basarnorazahb@utm.myCLEARSenior LecturerAssociate Member
Hazri Bakhtiarhazri@utm.myLaser CenterAssociate ProfessorDirector of Laser Center
Ganesan A/L Krishnank.ganesan@utm.myLaser CenterSenior LecturerMember
Muhammad Safwan Abd Azizsafwanaziz@utm.myLaser CenterSenior LecturerMember
Suzairi Daudsuzairidaud@utm.myLaser CenterSenior LecturerMember
Maisarah Duralimmaisarah@utm.myLaser CenterSenior LecturerMember
Raja Kamarulzaman Raja Ibrahimrkamarulzaman@utm.myLaser CenterAssociate ProfessorDeputy Director of Laser Centre
Nor Ain Huseinnorainh@utm.myLaser CenterSenior LecturerAssociate Member
Sib Krishna Ghoshalsibkrishna@utm.myLaser CenterAssociate ProfessorAssociate Member
Husni Hani Jameela Sapingihusnihani@utm.myLaser CenterSenior LecturerAssociate Member
Arifah Bahararifah@utm.myUTM-CIAMAssociate ProfessorDirector of UTM CIAM
Zaitul Marlizawati Zainuddinzmarlizawati@utm.myUTM-CIAMAssociate ProfessorDeputy Director of UTM CIAM
Nur Arina Bazilah Aziznurarina@utm.myUTM-CIAMSenior LecturerMember
Taufiq Khairi Ahmad Khairuddintaufiq@utm.myUTM-CIAMSenior LecturerMember
Shariffah Suhaila Syed Jamaludinsuhailasj@utm.myUTM-CIAMSenior LecturerMember
Zaiton Mat Isazaitonmi@utm.myUTM-CIAMSenior LecturerMember
Zulkepli Majidzulkeplimajid@utm.myUTM-CIAMAssociate ProfessorAssociate Member
Ahmad Razin Zainal Abidin @ Md. Taibarazin@utm.myUTM-CIAMSenior LecturerAssociate Member
Koh Meng Hockkmhock@utm.myUTM-CIAMSenior LecturerAssociate Member
Sharidan Shafiesharidan@utm.myUTM-CIAMAssociate ProfessorAssociate Member
Azlan Mohd Zainazlanmz@utm.myUTM-BDCProfessorDirector of UTM BDC
Sarina Sulaimansarina@utm.myUTM-BDCSenior LecturerMember
Norhaida Mohd Suaibhaida@utm.myUTM-BDCSenior LecturerMember
Mahadi Baharimahadi@utm.myUTM-BDCSenior LecturerMember
Nor Azizah Alinzah@utm.myUTM-BDCSenior LecturerMember
Mohd Adham Isamohdadham@utm.myUTM-BDCSenior LecturerDeputy Director of UTM BDC
Naomie Salimnaomie@utm.myUTM-BDCProfessorAssociate Member
Chan Weng Howecwenghowe@utm.myUTM-BDCSenior LecturerAssociate Member
Yusliza Yusoffyusliza@utm.myUTM-BDCSenior LecturerAssociate Member
Nur Haliza Abdul Wahabnur.haliza@utm.myUTM-BDCSenior LecturerAssociate Member
Haslina Hashimhaslinah@utm.myUTM-BDCSenior LecturerAssociate Member
Nurulhuda Firdaus Mohd. Azmihuda@utm.myUTM-BDCSenior LecturerAssociate Member


Administration and technical staff of Ibnu Sina Institute

Name and ProfileE-mailResearch Centre or UnitPosition
Siti Nur Sakinah Ahmad snsakinah@utm.myCSNanoResearch Officer, QA41
Sabariah Ajis sabariahajis@utm.myCSNanoScience Officer, CA44
Nurul Adhah Saini nuruladhah@utm.myCSNanoAssistant Science Officer, CA29
Nur Hidayah Azmi a.nurhidayah@utm.myCSNanoAssistant Engineer, JA29
Nani Sazana Hamdan nanisazana@utm.myCSNanoAdministration Assistant, NA19
Shahrul Nizam Mahmod s-snizam@utm.myCSNanoSenior Clerk, NA22B
Nurfarhain Mohamed Rusli nurfarhain@utm.myCLEARResearch Officer, QA44
Zuhaili Idham zuhailiidham@utm.myCLEARResearch Officer, QA48 (study leave)
Noor Sabariah Mahat noorsabariah@utm.myCLEARAssistant Engineer, JA29
Muna Mohamedmuna@utm.myUTM-CIAMResearch Officer, QA41
Kasmawati Gumanti kasmawatig@utm.myCFiRSTOffice Secretary, NA29
Wong Yah Jin yahjin@utm.myLaser CenterResearch Officer, QA41
Muhammad Aizi Mat Salim aizi@utm.myLaser CenterScience Officer, CA41/44
Asmawi Mohamad asmawim@utm.myLaser CenterAssistant Engineer, JA29
Mohd Nasir Abu Bakar mnasirab@utm.myLaser CenterAssistant Engineer, JA29
Mohd Rizal Haji Mahadi e-rizal@utm.myLaser CenterAdministration Assistant, NA19
Mohd. Nasir Mohamed Yunus mohdnasirmy@utm.myLaser CenterAssistant Engineer, JA29
Wan Yusof Wan Mamat wanyusof@utm.myLaser CenterAssistant Science Officer, CA29
Mohd Sauffie Mansor msauffie@utm.myLaser CenterAssistant Engineer, JA29
Rozita Abdul Jalil rozitajalil@utm.myUTM-BDCResearch Officer, QA41
Nurlaily Zakaria nurlaily@utm.myUTM-BDCAssistant Engineer, JA29
Nurul Husna Mohammad Sairi nurulhusna.ms@utm.myCFiRSTAdministration Officer, NA41
Faradiba So'aibfaradiba@utm.myISI-SIRAdministration Assistant, NA19
Fadzlin Md Sairan fadzlin@utm.myISI-SIRResearch Officer, QA44
Evayusni Ahmad Yusuf evayusni@utm.myCSNanoAdministration Assistant, NA19


Last updated: 2 July 2021 (Hadi Nur)