Progressive freeze concentration


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mazura Jusoh

Progressive freeze concentration (PFC) is a process where only a large single ice crystal is formed in the system and grown on the cooling surface so that the separation between the ice crystal and the mother solution is very easy. This makes the system very simple and leads to a lower cost. The conventional setup of PFC produces ice with high purity but lower productivity than suspension freeze concentration (SFC). The volume of ice produced is also usually low. Hence, continued areas of the development for PFC system include the quest for improved productivity and better efficiency. Different kinds of design have been investigated, which are easy to operate and cost-effective besides the ability to obtain high quality of product and better efficiency of the system. The PFC system is recognized as a good alternative if high-quality products can be produced with higher productivity. In this article, previous researches on PFC designs were reviewed for the purpose of providing an understanding of methods of designing a PFC system and also to provide references for future application of PFC.

Image of a crystallizer employing Progressive Freeze Concentration technique