Information retrieval, database systems, chemical informatics, text mining, and big data


Prof. Dr. Naomie Salim

Professor Naomie’s main research goal is to design new algorithms to improve the effectiveness of searching and mining new knowledge from various kinds of datasets, including unstructured, semi-structured and structured databases. The current focus of her research is on chemical databases and text databases to support the process of computer-aided drug design, text summarisation, plagiarism detection, automatic information extraction, sentiment analysis, and recommendation systems. The output of the research has been incorporated into a number of software such as UTMChem Workbench, KimiaSpace, and NADI Natural Products Database System to support drug design and drug optimisation process, UTMCLPD Cross-Language Plagiarism Detection System to summarise documents and check for plagiarism and Oricheck for cross-language idea similarity checking and plagiarism detection.