Ibnu Sina Institute Seminar Series

Since 2008, Ibnu Sina Institute plays host to regular seminars by experts and high-profile presenters. The topics range widely but are always engaging. As well as being attended by staff and students of UTM, these seminars are open to the public. We invite lecturers, researchers, and experts to participate in the Ibnu Sina Institute Seminar Series. If you are interested in giving a lecture, please send us a message by fill out the form below. Receiving e-mail is ibnusinainstitute@utm.my.


Ibnu Sina (980 – 1037)

According to his autobiography, Ibnu Sina had memorised the entire Quran by the age of 10. He learned Indian arithmetic from an Indian greengrocer, Mahmoud Massahi and he began to learn more from a wandering scholar who gained a livelihood by curing the sick and teaching the young.



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