Academic leadership


ISI-SIR has released 2020 strategic planning based on six founding principles, one of them is academic leadership.

Attract, retain and cultivate intellectual leaders across the full range of subject areas — and from a diverse range of backgrounds — seeking those who combine a deep commitment to their own discipline(s), openness to work across disciplines in research, education and for societal benefit, and the ability to determine their own intellectual direction.



  • Build ISI-SIR blueprint for internal strategic and operational planning processes and develop high-quality information that allows us to have a clear understanding of our performance at a local, national and global levels
  • Explore how we can create and/or integrate new disciplinary activities for UTM



  • Develop ISI-SIR research blueprint
  • Collaboration with the top researchers/scientists to establish high impact research (Person in charge: Prof. Dr. Hadi Nur)
  • Proposal workshop involving all research centres under ISI-SIR to apply for national and international research grants
  • Collaboration with Huwaei (Person in charge: Dr. Afnizanfaizal Abdullah)
  • Each research centre suggests the research area wants to lead
  • Ibnu Sina Institute award and fellowship (Person in charge: Dr. Afnizanfaizal Abdullah)
  • Stingless Bee High Impact Research (Person in charge: Dr. Raja Kamarulzaman Raja Ibrahim)



Prof. Dr. Hadi Nur