A cross-disciplinary approach to address the global challenges


ISI-SIR has released 2020 strategic planning based on six founding principles, one of them is a cross-disciplinary approach to address the global challenges.

Global challenges can only be addressed by cross-disciplinary initiatives that bring together science, technologies and the humanities. We must cross these boundaries.



  • Networking with universities and industries through a strategic partnership
  • Create a platform to work with universities, industry, and government



  • Establishment of Malaysian Zeolite Association (Research centre in charge: CSNano)
  • Establishment of Stingless Bee International Association (Research centre in charge: CLEAR)
  • Establishment of the Malaysia Nanosafety Policy (Research centre in charge: CSNano)
  • Collaboration with the National Nanotechnology Centre (Research centre in charge: CSNano)



Prof. Dr. Hadi Nur